Sales Assistance

A great tool to digitize the entre sales process.

Sales Assistance

SRS Suite Sales Assistance is a great tool to keep the dealership Paperless.

This app allows the connection with the reconditioning department at the moment of delivery time or when the dealer need to ask them to complete a task in one of their cars.

Using this app, the connection will be immediately and not be necessary use papers. You can also check the status of the order without having to go or call the reconditioning department.

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Connected Info on Any Platform

Smart Sales Tool to Increase Conversions

For set up, services are entered into the system from any of the available devices:

  • web (desktop)
  • cell phones (mobile)
  • tablets (mobile)

The main function of the Sales Assistance app is to give a smart digital tool to the sales department.

Custom TV Display

The TV can be programmed to show work orders with the services that the client requested.

Another benefit of the TV display is to inform the detailers the order of arrival for the vehicles, helping to maintain a proper work flow.

Assign Services Easily

Sellers can enter a vehicle and assign one or more services to it.

These services are programmable, & one can choose from the list of available services which service they want to include in the list of options; all from the app.

Connect Across Departments

For instance, communication with the Reconditioning department is carried out automatically; avoiding the use of paper (which can be inaccurate & time consuming)

Another functionality that this app has is to show who has the key to a certain vehicle or where it is parked (this function works when the Key tracking option is used).

Using this app, the seller can enter his phone number and the system will notify him by text message when the vehicle is ready.

Custom Secure Login

Personal User Information

A User will have their information safe and secure with their own login for the system.

This ensures that each user gets their work history and processes saved across all platforms and devices.

Custom Account Roles and Access

Accounts are set up to suit your organizational structure and hierachy.

Set up a system that gives you control on everything you and your users do. With everything custom: from user access to admin controls.

No More Paperwork, Go Digital

Digital Documents for Your Sales & Work

See all your documents on an easy to use digital system that removes the need for redundant paperwork and clutter.

Custom to your user, you can rest assured that that your files are secure and only visible to you. Easily send documents to other users or external departments. Move sales along the pipeline more quickly, no paper sending or photocopying.

See all Relevant Customer Information Easily

Knowing your customer is key to creating a quality relationship. This means knowing more than your inventory, you need to understand your customer’s need and wants. You can see all relevant customer information easily with a quick VIN or Customer Name search.

With connected departments and information, everything you need to create a great customer experience is at your fingertips. Provide your customer with expertise and value throughout the entire purchasing process.

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